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Vero Kern, Vero Profumo Onda Rubj Kiki

Vero Profumo: Vero Kern and the Boys

Vero Profumo: Vero Kern and the Boys

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Thoughts on Single Notes 08 Dec 2012

The other night I broke out some new found oils. The boys and I smelled haitian vetiver, virginia cedar, egyptian basil, saffron, orris root, and galbanum together. Their little hands wanted to hold each bottle, but I kept a tight grip. Next to the oils were Vero’s three,Rubj, Onda, and Kiki. A friend was visiting and I wanted her impression on the three, and of course the boys wanted to try them too. I tickled them as I spritzed the fragrance on their arms. Soon after they wanted me to turn off all the lights so they could dance. I gave in and turned the volume loud, Moves like Jagger played and we danced together in the dark. The living room whirled with Vero’s masterful scents. In the Spring, Onda made me write to Vero mostly because there’s nothing quite like it. It’s stellar. I was touched by Vero’s tender response and recollection.


“The idea behind Onda was to create a kind of leather scent. Something that has fascinated me since my childhood. Being a child in a big family I didn’t get very often new leather shoes. But then when it happened I couldn’t get enough of this fantastic smell and I used to put the shoes next to my bed where I still could smell them in my dreams. Onda is also the memory of the smell of new leather shoes…”


“Onda means wave. It can be the wave of water but also of electricity! In my case I’ve chosen it in the sense of a “FLYING CARPET” bringing you to your secret garden..baci, Vero”

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