Soliflore Notes | Neela Vermeire Creations, Pichola,
A fragrance inspired by Lake Pichola in India.
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Transported: Neela Vermeire Creations, PICHOLA

Transported: Neela Vermeire Creations, PICHOLA

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews M-Z 30 Jun 2015

Soft breezes nestle against an arid landscape.  A marble palace sits upon a lake.  Lake Pichola, an oasis.  Sunlight bounces off its rippling surface. Udaipur, City of Dawn.  A reflection.  White flowers.  My imagination transported by place and perfume.


Neela Vermeire Creations Pichola, Eau de Parfum plays like an impressionistic painting for the nose.


Pichola has a unique claim on the oriental-floral category as its spicy component comes across more balsamic, earthy, and floral than fiery red. A spicy quality exists in Pichola, but it seems intentionally and beautifully tempered, and its warmth allows its profound white floralcy to permeate and rise. Its hypnotic trail offers sensuality and balance, all parts working in harmony.


The citrus notes are immediately tactile, juicy clementine adds shimmer and punch. Bergamot releases its floral aspects and works well with a flurry of spices, namely cardamom, cinnamon, and spiritual saffron. Juniper adds an almost effervescent rush to the opening. There are also floral top notes, namely neroli oil and magnolia, they appear like a reflection, a scented suggestion of what is to come. As the top notes settle its complexity continues to expand. A delicate soapy green facet quickly develops, perhaps it’s rose absolute and geranium that leads us closer to the perfume’s rich heady-white floral heart:  creamy orange blossom, beloved smoky tuberose, happy jasmine sambac, steady ylang ylang, and gardenia. Pichola’s creaminess and warmth is amplified by its woody resinous base, benzoin, vanilla, vetiver, and sandalwood. The dry down would be pale violet if it were a color, thanks to magical heliotrope. Pichola asks to be observed, experienced, and worn on the skin. This is where the conversation begins.


Neela Vermeire collaborated with Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour again to create Pichola. I met Neela in 2012 and continue to be inspired by her intelligent India-inspired fragrances.


NVC delivers duality in a bottle as east and west poignantly merge.


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