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Thy Herb Collective and Juniper Ridge: Slow Down with Small Batch

Thy Herb Collective and Juniper Ridge: Slow Down with Small Batch

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews A-L 28 Sep 2015

Perfume rules, but sometimes I get side-tracked by body products that have spine. These two boast incredible results and remind us to slow down and take good care of ourselves.


Everyday for the last thirty days I have thanked my lucky stars that I found Thy Herb Collective, and their very special Muscle Rub. These folks grow herbs, harvest, distill, and hand-make their goods in New Paltz, NY. Muscle Rub brought instant relief to my stressed-out body. It’s scent is different than most muscle rubs as it is warming and mildly spicy, a baritone instead of a chilly camphor rub. This blend burrows through the skin and into the muscle releasing tension with the help of St. John’s Wort, Arnica, Yarrow, Cayenne, Clove, Cinnamon- I call it Magic Rub and the easy to open tin travels well and stays in my purse everywhere I go!  Stop by their website or go to the Union Square Farmers Market NYC. Don’t miss their Warming Massage Oil, works well for layering with the rub.


Juniper Ridge are perfumers based in Oakland, California. They wild harvest and wild craft flora and the like; I think of them as modern-day scent-gladiators, preserving primary nature in a bottle. Topanga Canyon Trail Soap is one offering from their experimental extension Field Lab. “Field Lab is extremely small-batch, trail-made fragrances are usually produced in numbers usually less than a hundred, and are designed as aromatic snapshots, capturing the wind on a particular day in a particular wild place.” Topanga Canyon is located in the California’s Santa Monica Mountain, and boasts a high biodiversity that especially comes alive in the spring. Topanga’s scent is especially ignited in the shower by hot water and steam, this interaction stirs this springtime fragrance. It possesses a delicate floralcy, in fact it is one of the more delicate scents that i have encountered from Juniper Ridge, Topanga comes across sweet, woody, sunny. Wildmeadow flowers meet sage, and wet oaky bark that is tender, yet echoes on the skin. Topanga allows for blue skies overhead while showering indoors; it’s no surprise that Juniper Ridge once again delivers the outdoors inside the steady pulse of home. Topanga Canyon also comes in Cologne.


My 9-year old son said it this way: “Nature is the elements of earth and life. What’s a forest? A forest is one of the elements that makes up life and or nature. What is this called? Topanga Canyon Trail Soap-makes me think of the forest with a tint of peppermint in it, a kind of bitter sweetness. It’s earthy too with sweetness. It’s a very natural smell. That’s it.”


Photo Credit:  Soroush Rassi, California Coast


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