Soliflore Notes | MIKMOI San Francisco AO and VESPER, The Endless Summer

MIKMOI San Francisco AO and VESPER, The Endless Summer

MIKMOI San Francisco AO and VESPER, The Endless Summer

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews M-Z 10 Sep 2013

I try to resist the urge to label perfumes as seasonal. I like to think that any fragrance can be worn at anytime of year. For example in summer I tend to wear thick heavy fragrances to have a fun face-off with NYC’s humidity. The opposite is true too, some fragrances have the ability to bring back the dead of winter during a heatwave.


AO and VESPER from MIKMOI San Francisco remind me that I hate to see summer go. These fragrances radiate a glorious time of year that kicks in right about now called The Endless Summer. A dreamy time when the final days of summer take a big stretch and seem to last just a little longer.


Artisan Perfumer Mik is offering a unique and memorable fusion of accords here in AO—I feel a distinct signature coming on.  Inspired by the Andaman Sea, just west of Thailand.  There is a cool spicy thread a tad menthol diagonally cutting through the center of this fragrance, it is kind of fizzy to me without being aldehydic. A breathy bulbous Tuberose grounds and encounters Coconut and Ginger and Blue Plai. I have only smelled what I think is Blue Plai inside this fragrance, and it gives this perfume the wind for its sail. the cool spicy thread that I mentioned. A creamy hit of coconut rises keeping “beach bonfires”, as Mik calls them, way in the distance, but you know they are there. Imagine the sunset slowly fading into the this gorgeous and dreamy land of AO. It keeps close to the skin all day.


VESPER picks up where Ao ends, in that I can smell the connection and signature of the perfumer, in some ways it is a riskier fragrance.  It begins with the bitter boozy citrus accord, the Lillet aperitif is its starting point (Vesper is a cocktail whose key ingredient is Lillet.) Its bitter beginning mixes quickly with a very green Rose and Fig center, that keeps this fragrance from being harsh. Myrrh and Frankincense create the stratus cloud that I want to live in. Vesper is edgy, something that begins classic but ultimately turns around and ends up re-imagined and repackaged. Its floralcy keeps it pretty, but its gutsy at the same time. I like that. With Vesper at the wheel, I can drive easily into the early fall.


Thank you MIKMOI for reaching out and sending fine samples for my review.

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