Soliflore Notes | Maria Candida Gentile, Maitre Parfumeur: The Ones that Got Away

Maria Candida Gentile, Maitre Parfumeur: The Ones that Got Away

Maria Candida Gentile, Maitre Parfumeur: The Ones that Got Away

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Events and Interviews 03 Dec 2017

Before I met master perfumer Maria Candida Gentile, her Classic Collection was already on my mind. By now, we should all agree that Sideris is the paramount solar fragrance with a shimmering noir facet. An unflawed interpretation of an evening walk by the sea. Amber, rose, and myrrh lay the foundation for its graceful complexity. However, Sideris should not be confused with Gentile’s Finisterre. Finisterre holds court to a masterful marine accord that has been sculpted to be porous, and doesn’t swallow everything around it as marine accords sometimes do, it is one of my favorite aquatic fragrances. Her Exhault creates the perfect pointillistic floral and incense composition that gets lots of lift from its aldehydic quality. Given these memorable fragrances, I had no doubt that my face to face with Maria although brief would be memorable too. We spoke about the Italy’s landscape, and her the influence of nature and her connection to it and its influence on her fragrances. She is graceful and genuine and exudes depth of character, like her perfumes. She even revealed that on her way to the event that morning she had taken a taxi, and in a rush left an entire box of perfume samples in the taxi’s trunk that she had assembled by-hand. Her heart sank as the taxi road off. I felt terrible too. Before I left, she told me to wait one moment, she walked over to her purse and handed me a white sueded pouch. She had put a few extra in her purse for ease before leaving for the day. LADY DAY, GENTILE, LUBERON, and BURLESQUE from her inspiring and gorgeous Exclusive Collection still remain with me and are deeply cherished. These should certainly be explored for the perfume-lover on your list.

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