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Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews A-L 08 Jan 2016

GOEST PERFUMES instantly enter the limbic system and playfully resonate. Creator Jacqueline Steele has infused fierce style into spirited fragrances. These compositions are inspired by historical moments in perfumery and art, yet this is only a starting point; there is nothing nostalgic about how these perfumes smell. They hold strong to a modern approach to perfumery through their transparency and dynamic accords. Darker notes remain stark, elevated, light and crisp. A gourmand knows its boundaries; it would never cling. In the chronicles of perfumery these fragrances comfortably land on their modern-abstract identity but also remain naturalistic, and that’s what makes them so interesting. There is also a love of detail from afar that allows these fragrances to take flight. Notes are described as “a crushed stem, soil, herbs, hay…sun and air.” These are not literal interpretations, but rather come across emotional, imaginative and pleasing. These dual (unisex) fragrances are skeletal, breathy, lasting and reverberate in these crowded modern perfume days.

If DAUPHINE were a color it would be the faintest shade of pink, the kind that makes you think it’s beige if you look at it too quickly. A milky marzipan (almond) gourmand centered on a full fresh rose that rests in a cozy white-musk base. This scent reminds me of the word FEY, as it has a fairy like quality. A delightfully scented grenade, and it is especially refreshing when I compare it to other takes on this genre of gourmand that are often too damn sweet, not this though. Perfectly balanced for day into night.

The beautifully felt REALISM is earthy-green, but there is nothing heavy or hippy here. It opens as it ends, completely round. An aromatic fragrance with herbaceous and camphorous under and overtones. This green scent revitalizes all day long with its ghostlike golden halo, I feel as I am looking down at myself as I wear this fragrance. The scent brings confidence and sophistication to the table. It’s exceptional in a quiet way the the same way Sel de Vetiver from The Different Company or The Afternoon of the Faun by ELdO are. They all share a window into nature’s exoticism. Men and women have the chance to rediscover and reimagine themselves as this unique scent breaks through the bottle and enters their world.

There is nothing better than getting a creamy woody citrus right, and LARTIGUE is right. Steele was inspired by the images of the Riviera captured by master photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue, and translated the profound visuals into a fine original juice. The opening is magical, an ebb and flow of juicy citrus and peach abstraction that somehow creates an interesting celery aspect that is gorgeous, salty and watery and surrounded by elegant woods. It instantly elevates the spirit, and enhances the skin instead of masking it. Incredibly wearable.

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