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Together let’s explore what’s inside the bottle.

Find a Fragrance with Me

In an instant scent can influence how we feel. Perfume has a mysterious quality, but it is also an easy way to elevate and bring balance to each day. By finding out about your personal scent preferences and lifestyle, I will make fragrance recommendations specifically tailored for you through the the lens of artisian, niche and luxury fragrances. Finding a new signature scent, complementing what you already like, or expanding your fragrance wardrobe will suddenly feel fun and easy. As your personal scent stylist, we will find the perfect fit.


 Smelling/Blending with Kids

This workshop will take place in the comfort of your home with up to 4 friends. Together we will explore our sense of smell by smelling a wide range of fragrance families, broken down into top, middle, and base notes. The workshop will culminate in creating a basic formula designed by your child, and end with a perfume that they can take home. All supplies are included.

Workshop is 1.5  hours.                                                                              


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Soliflore Notes Testimonials
Valerie’s passion is fragrance, and she never stops investigating new niche lines. Her selections are what I put on before all else, they make me feel special, and add beauty to my every day experiences. -Diane B.

I am so grateful to Valerie for finding me the perfect perfume. I just love it and pray it doesn’t get discontinued anytime soon. -Lynn M.

Thank you Valerie for helping me pick out the perfect scent for my wife. After years of struggling to find a unique and thoughtful gift, your smell expertise helped me navigate the endless department store perfume counters, and created an opportunity for me to find a gift that was meaningful. You listened to me, you thought of my wife, and you helped find a scent that was as special as she. Simply put, you are my secret weapon, thank you! -David M.

Valerie has educated me on finding fragrances that match my mood and personality. Before my consultation with Valerie, I would dread the overflowing samples shoved at me by the department store salesperson, and pray that the one who was the most convincing sold me a perfume that would smell just as nice on me as it did on the paper. Valerie doesn’t do any of that, her focus is not on the fragrance but on the person. She creates a fragrance biography, asking about me, in order to match me to the bottle, not the other way around. Valerie opened my eyes, and nose with her guidance and attention. -Alison N.