Soliflore Notes | BY KILIAN, A Master Class, Scented Necklaces, and Intoxicated

BY KILIAN, A Master Class, Scented Necklaces, and Intoxicated

BY KILIAN, A Master Class, Scented Necklaces, and Intoxicated

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Events and Interviews 11 Nov 2014

On Friday night I attended a master class with Kilian fragrance expert Dennis Quan at Saks Fifth Avenue. Dennis spoke in precision-like detail about the inspiration behind 10 out of the 27 fragrances from the luxury perfume house, and we learned about designer Kilian Hennessey’s desire to elevate perfume inspired by the prestige era in perfumery at the turn of the Century. This influential time in perfumery easily resonates in his saturated fragrances and the details found in refillable hand-blown bottles that sit in satin-lined wood coffrets each with the Kilian signature silk tassel. Pull the silk-lining out and the perfume box easily transform into a jewelry box, leave it in to use as a mad dash evening clutch. Kilian prefers that we think of his perfumes, bottles, and boxes as heirlooms to be kept for a lifetime.

We were also introduced to the Jewels of L’Oeuvre Noire scented jewelry collection. I’m intrigued by scented jewelry, especially when it’s done right and involves niche fragrance. The appeal of scented jewelry walks two lines; it’s the perfect treasured keepsake for the perfume lover and a delicate entry for the perfume novice as scent never touches the skin, rather it gracefully surrounds the wearer. These necklaces are slinky and substantial, not the garden variety. The designs that are offered in 18k gold plate, Rhodium, Onyx, with either silk or metallic tassels and walk the perfect line of weight and movement. So how does it work? The rechargeable ceramic disk can be infused with any Kilian fragrance and sits perfectly inside the dome. The Onyx Tassel Necklace is a little different from the rest as it has a scented silk chord that has been “micro encapsulated” with scent. The chord actually works with the skin’s temperature to release its fragrance. The chord is available in several Kilian fragrances. The rechargeable ceramic disc lasts an incredible 2-3 months, and the silk chord lasts about a year, and then you can replace it. The jewelry comes with two ceramic disks, and the great thing is that additional disks are available at the boutique at no cost if you need another. Kilian believes that perfume can be worn as protection; these necklaces can be worn as scented armor, or just for fun.

My perfume pick from the evening was the beguiling Intoxicated, from the latest collection, Addictive State of Mind. This aromatic gourmand isn’t too sweet; rather there is a striking freshness that borders on aromatic making this juice exciting and disorienting on the skin. Perfumer Calice Becker layers warm and cool spices, Cardamom comes into focus and remains the star as it becomes vividly alive on the skin and meets a luscious coffee note that reflects its steamy creaminess, bitterness and the warmth to create an abstract aromatic Turkish coffee for the skin. It’s genius. Superb longevity, a little goes a long way for the men and women.

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