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Aroma-Gym Pop Up

Aroma-Gym Pop Up

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Events and Interviews 14 Oct 2015

Our sense of smell helps shape our daily experience, yet most of us walk around not knowing how to discern most things we smell. A collaboration between Scent DJ Gerard Segovia and DreamAir offers the public a chance to unpack this notion by exercising our nose. Inside Aroma Gym we learn by doing and get a chance to explore how sight and smell are interconnected, how to exercise our scent-memories, and learn how to deconstruct a fragrance.  I sat down at the happy elixir station,  revitalize your nose with scent, sound, and ions, and I was reminded that smelling something pleasant can feel good and therapeutic. The experimental Segovia and DreamAir team aka Les Christophs want us to take joy in discovering our nose.


Upon entering Aroma Gym a misty air-purifier greets us to cleanse the nose, and creates a kind of futuristic greenhouse atmosphere. The space is spare and unfinished, the walls on one side are painted white, and there are three interactive scent stations that are reminiscent of nautilus machines. The scent stations possess an awkward nobleness, a prototype Shangri-La where technology holds scent in high esteem, but the stations don’t take themselves too seriously.  The three stations:  1. Happy elixir, 2. O-Phone- exercise your scent memoriesand 3. Discerning scent dome each have a playful side, and one gets to push buttons, breath-in single notes, and relax under a scented dome. The installation faces out to the street like a storefront, and this fish bowl existence almost beckons the curious to come inside.  A few of us actually started to talk not only about what we were smelling, but HOW we smell, an interesting byproduct of the installation was this dialogue. Much of the discussion centered around the scent dome that housed the Air Sculpture® SpaceWood 40SU. Lay back with your head under the dome to smell the full composition, sit forward and smell three of the notes that are part of the composition, lay back again and you slowly three begin to smell these individual notes inside the larger composition.  The three notes were Vanillin Natural, Violet Leaves Absolute, and Paradisone. Here C. Hornetz and C. Laudamiel slowly guide us into the world of deciphering scented abstraction.


Aroma Gym is experimental, brave, and fragile, like a colt rising onto all fours for the first time, and this is exactly how it feels when we first start to really understand and talk about our sense of smell it’s like taking our first steps. Aroma Gym nurtures these first steps. These are last few days of the Pop-Up, until 10/17 @ 300 West 30th Street @ 8th Avenue, NYC. Certainly not to be missed.

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