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Perfume can empower our everyday lives.


Welcome to Soliflore Notes.

For Valerie Lee Vitale her perfumes are a natural extension of her perfume writing. In 2011 she began her blog, Soliflore Notes while studying fragrance composition and evaluation at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Perfume writing allowed her to connect to creative directors and perfumers inside the fragrance industry as she explored this new language through fragrance reviews and interviews. She set out to write technically about the ephemeral world of perfume, and at the same time found herself transported as she found connection between perfume and film, dance, writing, and her imagination. Valerie originally came to NYC as a dancer and choreographer, and by 2011 she was raising a very young family. At the time, her creative world was re-ignited through perfume, “I felt like a choreographer again,” as she tapped into the movement and interplay of scent living inside individual raw materials and perfumes. Valerie wrote perfume reviews through the lens of perfume deconstruction, or analysis, and through this deep-dive soon began to construct her own fragrances. Her small-batch artisan fragrances, Soliflore Notes Perfume highlights the faceted layers that live inside a single note, yet the combination of these raw materials creates an overall olfactive impression, a composition. Inspiration comes from the natural world, travel, everyday experiences, fantasy. Perfume can support, ignite, and heighten our every day. Valerie lives in New York with her husband and two boys.

Soliflore Notes reviews, stories, and interviews take a closer look at perfume, perfumers, and highlight how fragrance relates to the world we live in, and its ability to transform our everyday life.

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Valerie Lee Vitale
Soliflore Notes accepts samples for review. Please send requests to valerieleevitale”at”gmail”dot”com.