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A Single Note

A Single Note

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Thoughts on Single Notes 22 Feb 2019

The tenderness and abundance that lives within a single note has always inspired me to write about perfume and its complexity, and now it guides me in creating perfume and all of its possibilities. When a note hits the air and is placed on a paper blotter it begins to change over minutes, hours, and (for some base notes) days, each facet has it’s own momentum or closeup and distinct impression. A single raw material and its structure can move us backwards in time to a memory, remind us of a person or place, and has the ability to calm or excite. The movement inside a single note can be hypnotic and demand our presence, only focused on its scent, or it can become the beginning of a journey. It leads to combinations and accords, and ultimately a decision–perfume. The murky can turn bright and brightness can be complex, imagination and balance play a big part too. Coming back to the breath is similar to smelling a single note. Whether natural or man-made, each note is a guide, a heartbeat, a revolution.

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