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Fueguia 1833 Patagonia, Thays

17 May 2013 Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews A-L

When I heard the word Thays, I thought that it was short for the Spanish word for tea, considering this fragrance is inspired by Mate Yerba. I quickly learned that Thays is named after the French-Argentine landscape architect, Carlos Thays, and soon the story behind…

Snapshot #8, Maria McElroy, aroma M

11 May 2013 Posted by Valerie Vitale in Snapshots

Maria McElroy is one of the few deeply glamorous people that I know. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to visit her studio, and experience her keen eye for detail, reverence for ceremony, and infectious laughter. I first met Maria earlier this year at…

PARFUMS LALUN: If Fragrances were Portraits

28 Apr 2013 Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews M-Z

I am a fan of Maggie Mahboubian, an architect and perfumer. I have long admired her blog, Architecture of Perfume took me a while to realize that besides being an exquisite writer, Maggie’s expression also spanned the world of natural skincare, and in September 2012 Parfums…

D.S. & Durga: Poppy Rouge

22 Apr 2013 Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews A-L

Mississippi John Hurt   It’s great when a fragrance can get you listening to blues and thinking about art while simultaneously enjoying the comforts of home. That’s exactly how it happened with D. S. & Durga Poppy Rouge.   Cover photo: Robert Mapplethorpe Poppy 1988

Ramon Monegal Pure Mariposa

16 Mar 2013 Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews M-Z

It looks like I will keep my promise to the boys and plant a butterfly garden with plenty of milkweed. I got caught up in the patterns of migrating Monarchs during my recent encounter with Ramon Monegal’s Pure Mariposa, EdP.  BTW- The migrating population of Monarch butterflies in Mexico is down -way…