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Ramon Monegal Pure Mariposa


Ramon Monegal Pure Mariposa

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews M-Z 16 Mar 2013

It looks like I will keep my promise to the boys and plant a butterfly garden with plenty of milkweed. I got caught up in the patterns of migrating Monarchs during my recent encounter with Ramon Monegal’s Pure Mariposa, EdP.  BTW- The migrating population of Monarch butterflies in Mexico is down -way down. Two links follow.


A brief excerpt of the post is here..

…..The ephemeral butterfly is a symbol of the psyche. Butterflies exemplify grace, flight, and are a reminder to live life to the fullest. Their lifecycle is a journey of constant change and adaptation that involves incredible hard work, profound stillness, and ultimately a miraculous transformation. I found many moving stories written about encounters with butterflies that appear soon after the death of a loved one; survivors know that the butterfly represents the life force of the departed. While writing this, I began to notice images of butterflies everywhere I went, on my son’s lunch box; the framed print above my dining table that illustrates the four stages of metamorphosis. A film that tracked the migration patterns of the Monarch butterflies, they fly south to Mexico by the millions, and Odilon Redon’s symbolic paintings inspired me. At the office I spotted a butterfly print on a lonely shelf with a Matsuo Basho haiku that reads, “Wake butterfly, it’s late, we’ve miles to go together.”



Catalina Trail, January 2, 1975, the day she and Ken Brugger “discovered” the Monarch butterfly overwintering sites Photo copyright Catalina Trail

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