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Olfactive Studio Flash Back


Olfactive Studio Flash Back

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews M-Z 01 Dec 2013

Flash Back is the fifth fragrance from Olfactive Studio. Pay a visit to Olfactive’s website and you will be reminded of a well-oiled machine that pairs particular photographers and perfumers to interpret visual images into scented voyages in their own right. The concept may seem gimmicky, but it’s not, rather Olfactive Studio is giving new life to fragrances that have depth, character, and tell a story.

Photographer Laurent Segretier’s photograph and video are the inspiration for Flash Back. The subject in the photograph is a woman whose image if you look at it long enough resonates an unattainable intimacy. In his video the same subject slowly moves her head, at times her face seems to press against the screen, almost wanting to break through it, but ultimately the image begins to disintegrate before our eyes pixel by pixel. The moving image catches the dual notion that one can feel that they have experienced someone or something in the past, but not really sure if happened to not. Did it or did it not exist.  In your mind you keep searching for that moment in time, but it is not easy to place let alone hold onto. It’s disorienting, similar to experiencing a deja vu.

Olivier Cresp captured this feeling of a deja vu in a bottle. He worked with the simple olfactive idea of a rhubarb tart, a childhood memory, a flash back. The fragrance seems familiar, yet not easily defined. The initial delivery is a tricky rhubarb note, that alone would be astringent, green, sharp, but Mr. Cresp’s expertise allows for a tartness that soon turns a tad juicy. Symphonic hesperides notes continue to uplift and keep the perfume fresh. Its amber, vetiver, and woody base supports this brightness, and adds a subtle sweetness and depth that at time reads creamy, yet woody on my skin, and comforts its tart sting. Imagine sunlight shining through a prism; it possesses movement, light, and delightful shadow. Flash Back is a classic citrus fragrance, with a twist. Its neat and clean, and has a comforting trail that playfully comes and goes all day long into the evening.

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