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Ulrich Lang and his four fragrances made a lasting impression.*

However it was Lightscape along with Uli’s nuanced description and application that has lingered and kept me enchanted for the past few months. As Ulrich began to talk he simultaneously began to spray the stunning Landscape in such a festive way. I noticed he wasn’t specifically applying it to his wrist or neck, instead he was spraying his upper torso and the air abundantly. He began to create a billowing cloud that surrounded and framed his chest creating an invisible yet fragrant lapel, from right to left. This technique allowed for a diffusion of Lightscape to envelope the air.

Green, crisp and almost peppery notes suddenly shot into the air, thanks to top notes of Sicilian Lemon and Galbanum. The Galbanum and Sicilian Lemon accord brings a bright bite and juicy quality to the fragrance that is quite important as Lightscape develops. The accord cuts through any sentimental nature that Violet can sometimes evoke. As it colors begin to change Lightscape blooms into a transparent yet powdery Violet that stays crisp and juicy and modern, but there is more. Its heart has supporting cast of iris, rose, that brings a fullness to the core. When a friend, in passing asked if I was wearing Tresor, I could see how she could make the quick comparison because it shares a similar heart, but Lightscape ends in a completely different place. The base is completely arid, yet there is spikes of creaminess, sweetness, and juiciness that creates a harmony. This is a dual fragrance (for men or women) that has both strength and attitude, yet it is cozy thanks to Ambrette and Musk, and sometimes a cozy scent served with a little complexity is just what we long for.

Lang’s collection got me excited about revisiting EDTs. It was a reminder that EDTs have surprising tenacity and the ability to capture scented impressions. The collection is one where diffusion rules and hued scented landscapes have a distinctive home. In fact it has been many an EDT that have instantly triggered personal scent memories of childhood—or something that smells so familiar yet impossible to name…I love when this happens.

We’ve been told that we are supposed to spray Toilette when the weather is hot, but they can certainly be worn all year round, especially in the dead gray of winter. Walking through the first few cold days last week, it was Lightscape that became my bright light and got me feeling happy again in these NYC streets.

*Looking forward to APERTURE Lang’s 5th fragrance and most recent launch, which is an EDP.  Contemporary photography has inspired the development and packaging of each fragrance of Lang’s fragrances, Elspeth Diederix created the visual for Ulrich Lang New York’s Lightscape.

Photo Credit:  Elspeth Diederix

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