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Gaiac, Le Labo Vanille 44

Le Labo: Vanille 44, Paris in Venice Beach

Le Labo: Vanille 44, Paris in Venice Beach

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Events and Interviews, Perfume Reviews A-L 20 Sep 2012

Today, my good friend reminded me of the special warmth of the Indian Summer Sun, and this made me ponder Vanille 44. Spicy, woody, lemony, resinous, balsamy all describe Vanille 44 which would be confusing to most, but when it comes to Le Labo there is always a bit of trickery involved. Vanille 44 is ruled by a frankincense note, but its not bullied by it. It is a a smooth fragrance that runs deep with a direct connection to its ambery vanilla which at first takes on a bit of a boozy quality, but then settles peacefully into its ambery nest. At the same time the frankincense pulls this fragrance up an octave or two, and hits me right in between my eyes. I suppose it hits me at my third eye, which makes perfect sense given olibanum’s (a type of frankincense) reputation to get deep into our being, raise consciousness, and awaken the spirit. In church when I was a kid I would easily become woozy in its stream.


No matter, Vanille 44 has lured me. It was earlier today that its mist instantly transported me in so many directions. Back to Venice Beach, CA where I was visiting the boutique just a month ago. I sat at the bar; talked to Jaclynn about fragrance, smelled some single notes specifically, Gaiac a woody balmy smoky note, and one of the notes in Vanille 44, took my photo (with my friend) in their photo booth, learned about their limited Rose Bag (read a very “discerning” description here on the Discerning Brute’s blog,, and ultimately grabbed a little a bit of Paris, via Vanille 44. Seems I had perfect timing and hit the Venice Beach boutique at a fortuitous moment, as for a limited time Vanille 44 was available to celebrate the opening of their new Paris boutique. Le Labo city exclusives fragrances are usually sold only in the the city that they represent. French Vogue’s Beauty Buzz of the Day has the story here,

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