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ASKEW, Humiecki and Graef

the sea askew

ASKEW, Humiecki and Graef

Posted by Valerie Vitale in Perfume Reviews A-L 02 Sep 2013

Most things that Les Christophs do are exceptional and challenging. They are working on all things olfactive, inside the bottle, in the gallery with scent sculptures, and with ambient scent. Their work bring us closer to understanding how our sense of smell influences our motivations and influences how we are in and experience the world. Laudamiel is the perfumer behind Humiecki and Graef ASKEW.

…Askew is inspired by the emotion of fury, this fragrance seems to looks squarely at the underbelly of that emotion, that is, it doesn’t hit me as intended or as the word is defined. Askew comes across calming after its initial hit and it gets me thinking about the color of the sea that’s been all churned up after a storm. It keeps me thinking about the sea, mineral water springs, tears shed, and being human…

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