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Perfume can empower our everyday lives.




Welcome to Soliflore Notes.

Perfume can leave an impression, stir memory and emotion, and evoke feelings based in reality and fantasy, thus creating something lasting out of something that is completely elusive. The word perfume comes from the Latin word, “Per” meaning through and “Fumus” for smoke. This image can take us backward in time to antiquity when most fragrances were released through fire, smoke and incense. Today inside the fragrance industry, there is a movement of fragrance entrepreneurs, both niche brands and independent perfumers, who are interested in returning to earlier techniques of perfumery, by using the finest raw materials, and creating distinct fragrances that are elevating perfume as art.

My reviews, stories, and interviews take a closer look at perfume, perfumers, and highlight how fragrance relates to the world we live in, and its ability to transform our everyday life. My past experience as a dancer and choreographer uniquely informs how I experience and write about perfume. Studying fragrance composition and evaluation has led me to interviewing many incredible voices inside the fragrance industry, and continues to uniquely inform and inspire how I write about perfume. Through my consultation my clients become more aware about fragrance composition, which allows them to approach perfume with a more educated eye, and allows me to find them a meaningful fragrance. The smelling/blending workshop with kids is designed and dedicated to educating, exploring and awakening our most undiscovered sense, smell. Thanks for visiting, Valerie
Soliflore Notes accepts samples for review. Please send requests to vitaleval”at”yahoo”dot”com.